3D Visualation and Animation Interactive and Multimedia Projects Medical Graphics and Animation Conference and Event Graphics
IV Anatomy Guide
An interactive 3D animation produced to help clinical staff in the placement of various types of intravenous lines. A full, accurate 3D model of the human body and internal organs was produced and the animation allows elements such as muscle and bone to be removed.
Vygon - Nasogastric Feeding Animation
3D animation developed to demonstrate techniques for nasogastric tube insertion. Produced for The White Agency.
Unilever - Somatosensory Neuroscience
Interactive, animated video which allows a researcher to select various options from a menu and have a continuous animation displayed. The animations were designed to help explain complex medical processes to non-medical personnel as part of a presentation. Project features 3D animations of human skin, neurons and many other parts of the nervous system.
Smith & Nephew - IV3000 Dressing Application Guides
Numerous animations made to show the application of various dressings.
Polymem Animation
Cadesorb Demonstration Animation