3D Visualation and Animation Interactive and Multimedia Projects Medical Graphics and Animation Conference and Event Graphics
Tower Bridge Touch Screen Kiosks
Animations showing the locations of several London landmarks in relation to Tower Bridge, part of the touch screen kiosk software on the walkways at the Tower Bridge Exhibition. 3D animation by Simon Tilby, interface design and multimedia programming by Suzanne Leusby, produced for Saville Creative.
Digital Map at York Visitor Centre
An "Active Digital Map" in the main entrance of York Visitor Centre, showing information regarding nearby tourist attractions. The map automatically cycles through selected attractions, showing further information and photographs on a 65" screen. Staff can add, edit and delete points on the map and choose which attractions pop up to show more information.
Industrial Real-Time 3D Simulations
Simulated factory environment which enables instructors to familiarise new employees with factory layout and components. These systems provide a interactive 3D "game" which runs on standard pc's.
LloydTSB Reception Touch Screens
Screen saver looping animation and animated route finding system developed for touch screen system in Lloyds TSB Training Centre Reception.
Real-Time 3D Factory Simulators
Interactive, real-time 3D simulators used to help technicians adapt to new machines and experiment with the best ways to optimise production.
Images blurred to obscure sensitive content.
Environmental History Project
Animations showing formation of UK coastline and historic 3D buildings placed into video footage.
BAE Space Information System
Database driven application developed to store details of hundreds of rooms and buildings on BAe Systems site.
Animated Dolphin for Museum Exhibit
Cartoon Style Graphics For Website
Interactive Board Game